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Sporting goods

The sporting goods sector is one of the pillars on which Flint Hyde was founded in 2003 and still remains today one of our most vibrant practices and where we are privileged to work with some of the world’s leading sports apparel, footwear and accessories brands.

We are closely aligned with our clients, driven by a common passion for sport and business where performance products are at the heart of activities whether it is for Running, Training, Football, Teams Sports, Individual Sports, Action Sports or Yoga.

Through over a decade of working in the sporting goods sector, Flint Hyde’s network of contacts is comprehensive across large blue-chip sporting groups as well as smaller entrepreneurial niche brands.

The sporting goods sector is highly international with relocations to different parts of the world commonplace whether it is to Portland, Amsterdam or Japan. Flint Hyde is highly experienced in recruiting the best talent for global locations across Europe, The Americas and AsiaPac.