Justin King appointed Vice Chairman at Terra Firma

Flint Hyde is pleased to confirm the appointment of Justin King, as Vice Chairman at Terra Firma.

Justin is one of Britain’s most recognisable businessmen, having served as Chief Executive Officer at J. Sainsbury for 10 years, helping turn around the supermarket with nine years of consecutive profit growth. Prior to J. Sainsbury, Justin held the role of Director of Food Division for Marks & Spencer. Previous to this, Justin held various executive roles at Asda Walmart, Häagen-Dazs UK, Pepsi Cola International and Mars Confectionery.

“Justin is a truly exceptional leader, who reshaped Sainsbury’s during his 10 years as CEO, as well as playing a leading role in the sector and wider business world” David Tyler, Chairman J. Sainsbury In his role at Terra Firma, Justin is joining forces with the City tycoon, Guy Hands in a move that will underpin his ambitions to revive his firm’s status as a major force in the global private equity industry. This appointment, is seen as heralding a landmark moment for Terra Firma. “Hiring Justin King is a game-changer for them,” commented one investor. Justin’s role is to involve working across Terra Firma’s portfolio, which will see further changes in the next six months with the sale or flotation of the Odeon group.

Some great press coverage across; Financial Times, Sky News and Bloomberg

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